Jackson man charged with possession of a weapon following incident in woods

JACKSON – A 61-year-old male resident of Jackson has been charged with multiple offenses after he allegedly held two dirt bike riders at gunpoint in the woods off Werko Place.
Werko Place is off Thompson Bridge Road.
According to the Jackson Police Department, the man was arrested and charged with possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes and aggravated assault. He was initially placed in the Ocean County Jail, Toms River.
Police said that at 4:44 p.m. Feb. 26, officers responded to a residence on Nancy Court to investigate a report that a man was holding two individuals at gunpoint.
Nancy Court is in the vicinity of Werko Place.

Upon arrival, the officers searched the wooded area behind the residence on Nancy Place before being directed to the actual location of the incident in the woods off Werko Place.

Police said a dispatcher advised the officers who were on the scene that the man who had the gun was on the phone with the dispatcher and was going to place his hands in the air as the officers arrived at his location.

The officers eventually located a man standing in the woods holding a phone. A loaded .22 caliber rifle was observed about 25 feet from where the man was standing. Multiple rounds of ammunition was found in one of the man’s pockets, according to police.

The two individuals, ages 15 and 21, who were allegedly held at gunpoint by the man told the officers they encountered the man as they were trying to navigate their way out of the woods while they were riding dirt bikes.

Police said the two individuals told the officers the man pointed a firearm at them several times and would not allow them to leave. They said the man told them to get off their dirt bikes and to come with him.

When one of the two individuals who was allegedly being detained refused to comply with the man’s directions because he did not know what would happen if he followed the man, the suspect allegedly pressed the muzzle of the firearm into the individual’s stomach and had his finger on the trigger.

According to the two individuals who had been riding the dirt bikes, the man said he would contact their parents before calling the police himself, police reported.

The man told the responding police officers he was sitting in his home and saw two individuals drive past his house on dirt bikes. He said he left his home with a rifle and entered the woods to look for the individuals.

The man told the officers he did not point his rifle at the two individuals and that he had the rifle under his arm when he approached them, police reported.