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Democrats must take credit for passing COVID relief bill

Let’s make one thing crystal clear. The U.S. Senate, as a whole, did not pass the COVID relief bill; the Democrats in the Senate did without a single vote from the Republicans.

Because the Democrats had the audacity to pass this bill, millions of people will soon
receive stimulus payments of up to $1,400 to help assist them through this crisis, many of them Republicans.

Millions of people will get a boost of $300 to their unemployment benefits through
Sept. 6, many of them Republicans.

The bill includes expansion of the child tax credit, resources to alleviate food insecurity, rental payment support, funds for COVID-19 vaccine distribution and much more. Millions of people will be aided by this bill, including Republicans.

At every opportunity, Democrats need to take credit for passing this bill and remind those
with short memories they are the party that cares for the vast majority of Americans, even

Rick Aaronson

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