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David K. Cully


There will never be enough words to describe who David was, and will continue to be, to so many people in this world.  To his wife Lynn, he was her best friend, husband, motivator, and inspiration. To his five children, he was dad, coach, teacher, grill “master”, and driving instructor. In the world of business, he was a colleague and a mentor.

Throughout his 68 years of life, David brought tremendous amounts of joy to those he met. When he walked into a room, he filled it with energy and laughter. He always seemed to be able to live effortlessly and carefree, always encouraging others to embrace their inner child.

Although remembering David is quite easy, it is truly difficult to express how special he was. Even those who spent each day with him understand when you mention David, sometimes all you can do is smile, because he was nothing short of remarkable. Just as David often did in life, his family has looked to the pages of a book to relay the feelings they can’t seem to find the words for. In this case, David’s favorite children’s book, Miss Rumphius, whose main character was determined to accomplish three things: Go to faraway places, live by the sea, and the most difficult of all, do something to make the world more beautiful. David may have left us much too soon, but he accomplished his third goal:  he forever made the world more beautiful.

Thank you, David, for all you have given us.

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