Resident asks zoning board to reject request for variances


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I am writing to urge the Upper Freehold Township Zoning Board of Adjustment to reject the variances needed for the warehouse proposal at Westhaven Farm on Route 524.

I believe careful thought went into the current zoning rules and they are sufficient for our community.

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The best situation would be to preserve that farm, it is just beautiful; but if this is not possible, at least restrict whatever is built there to the current zoning rules.

Route 524 from Route 539 to Route 571 is part of the Upper Freehold Historic Scenic Byway. Please preserve this area by not allowing unsightly, polluting industry.

Our township has no infrastructure for large industrial complexes or high-density housing. I do not believe we should start down that road.

The amount that taxes would have to go up in order to handle water, sewer, police, etc. would be unsustainable by the taxpayers; not to mention ruin everything that others in the past have fought for – preserving the farmland and beauty of our community.

Donna Guadagno
Upper Freehold Township

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