Bridge Academy students continue to help the community

Jared and Gianna, students at the Bridge Academy, make scarves to donate to HomeFront.

Each year, three local charities are chosen by the Bridge Academy to receive donations. In the past, students have visited these organizations to learn more about them.

“It is a good idea for kids to see what the organizations do, who they help, and who they support,” teacher Mrs. Cathy Bongiovanni said in a prepared statement, noting they learn “why our donations are important” and a sense of philanthropy.

Even during a pandemic, Bridge students are meeting in person and continuing to help others in the community.

During a recent Friendship Day celebration, students and staff spent the day focusing on the qualities of being a good friend, as well as the actions of being a good friend and being kind.

As part of that day, the Social Houses completed an act of kindness for those in need: they made 140 scarves to and donated them HomeFront in Lawrence Township.

Using her rotary cutter quilting tool, Maggie Hollin pre-cut fabric into large strips. Staff members brought fabric scissors into school. Students were encouraged to turn the fabric into scarves by trimming the ends and adding some flair by twisting and knotting the ends, according to the statement.

They also collected coats, hats, gloves, and scarves for HomeFront through a clothing drive.

HomeFront will safely distribute the donations to those in need.

Another project this year included the annual Thanksgiving food baskets for HomeFront.

In past years, students made bag lunches for TASK, hosted a drive for food and supplies for animals to support APAW and participated in an environmental property clean up.

The Bridge Academy is an independent school for students with language-based learning disabilities, like dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and ADHD. It is the only Orton-Gillingham accredited program in New Jersey. For more information about The Bridge Academy, which is located at Adath Israel Congregation in Lawrence Township, call 609-844-0770 or visit