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Hillsborough Harvest promotes local farmers markets

Hillsborough Township has created Hillsborough Harvest, a campaign promoting the value of Hillsborough farms and local products.

Local farms include Hillsboro Farm Country Market, Lima Family Farm, Martenette Farms, Norz Hill Farm & Market, Polnasek Poultry Farm, Sourland Farm and Zell’s Farm.

Participating farms will be featured on the Hillsborough Harvest page at https://hillsborough-nj.org/hillsborough-harvest where they can advertise their local products and events for free.

Contact David Kois, business advocate/sustainability director at 908-369-3533 or hba@hillsborough-nj.org to participate.

Residents and visitors can visit www.hillsboroughbusiness.org and click on the Hillsborough Harvest icon for participating farm upcoming events.

Duke's Farm in Hillsborough
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