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Englishtown Police Department welcomes new officer

ENGLISHTOWN – A new full-time officer has been appointed to the Englishtown Police Department.

On March 24, Borough Council members appointed Dylan McLearen as a full-time police officer, effective that evening. According to a resolution, the new officer will receive an annual salary of $41,545.

McLearen’s appointment will be probationary for one year, according to the resolution, and the probation period will end on March 24, 2022.

Prior to his appointment as a full-time officer, McLearen was a part-time Class II special law enforcement officer. His appointment as a full-time officer followed the resignation of Dylan Croker, which was accepted by council members the same evening.

In his resignation letter, Croker said he was leaving the Englishtown Police Department to join the Long Hill Township Police Department in Morris County.

With McLearen’s promotion from a Class II special officer to a full-time officer, a vacancy was created in the police department’s roster of Class II special officers.

To fill the vacancy, the council members passed a resolution providing a conditional offer of employment to Alexander Pires for the special officer’s position. The appointment of Pires was made on the recommendation of Police Chief Peter Cooke.

According to the resolution, Pires satisfactorily completed the basic course for a Class II special law enforcement officer.

His appointment is conditional upon the successful passage of a background investigation, a physical examination, a psychological examination, drug testing by urinalysis, firearms qualification and satisfactorily paying any financial obligation owed to the municipality that sent Pires to the Monmouth County Police Academy to attend the basic course.

Pires’ date of hire will be determined by Cooke and the new officer will receive an hourly salary of $15, according to the resolution.

According to the Englishtown Police Department website, the department has seven full-time officers and three part-time special law enforcement officers.

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