Man enters occupied hotel room, charged with burglary


A Trenton man who entered a hotel room at the Residence Inn on Route 1 while a family was asleep inside the room has been charged with burglary, theft and theft of services, according to the West Windsor Police Department.

Police were sent to the motel after receiving a call that a guest had awakened to find a man in the room, using a flashlight to look around the darkened room, police said. When the guest challenged him, he said he was checking the room and calmly walked away, according to reports.

A few hours later, Residence Inn staff noticed a suspicious man who fit the description of the intruder. Police were called and detained the man, according to reports.

During the course of the investigation, police discovered that the man had gone into a restricted employee-only area and found a master key card that gave him access to all of the hotel rooms, according to the allegations. Using the master key card, he occupied a hotel room and also stole items from the hotel, officials allege.

The man also allegedly used the master key card to enter three occupied hotel rooms and was discovered each time, but only one of the victims called the police in the incident, which was reported shortly after 1 a.m. on March 7.