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Why can’t I stream CSI: NY or CSI: Cyber?

Question: How come only the original CSI and Miami spin-off are available for streaming? CSI: NY was probably my favorite and I would’ve loved to have watched it during lockdown. Same with Cyber. Why is that? —Sarah

Matt Roush: The very short run of CSI: Cyber (31 episodes over two seasons) may explain why there’s little demand for licensing that series, but it’s harder to fathom why CSI: NY (197 episodes over nine seasons) is currently missing. Licensing deals for series like these can be complicated and costly, even when it’s in-house for a corporation like ViacomCBS. It wouldn’t surprise me that as Paramount+ ramps up its library of TV and movies that we’d see one if not both of these series emerge again.

Question: Will Law & Order: Organized Crime be a separate show from SVU? Or like Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, will I have to watch the two shows? —Unsigned

Matt Roush: While it was understandable for Organized Crime to launch out of SVU, these two series are meant to stand on their own. That doesn’t mean there won’t be crossovers from time to time, which the network loves for promotional purposes, but they’re telling very different stories. So you shouldn’t be looking at this as a two-hour investment each Thursday.

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