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Freehold Borough students will begin attending school five days a week

FREEHOLD – May 3 is the date when students in the Freehold Borough K-8 School District will resume in-person instruction on a five-day-a-week schedule.

District administrators said according to the plan that will begin May 3, students will attend school for a half-day schedule in the morning. The children will then head home and receive instruction remotely during the afternoon. Lunch will not be served in school.

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Freehold Borough students have been receiving their lessons in a hybrid model of in-person instruction and remote instruction since March.

From September through March, all of the district’s students were receiving instruction remotely.

The hybrid schedule was implemented in March and allowed children whose parents opted for that model of education to be in school on a part-time basis.

Some students are still receiving fully remote instruction if that option was selected by their parents.

When the hybrid schedule was implemented in March, the participating students received four days of in-person instruction on a half-day schedule and one day of remote learning each week.

According to district administrators, the students attended their core courses of English language arts, math, science and social studies on the four days of in-person instruction, and their related courses of physical education, health, art, music, Spanish and technology during their day of remote instruction.

With the change in the hybrid schedule that will begin May 3, there will no longer be a day of only remote learning for the students who are participating in that educational model.

“This change in format moves us closer to full operation, our ultimate goal,” Superintendent of Schools Rocco Tomazic said.

Tomazic said administrators do not anticipate moving to a full-day instructional schedule with lunch being served in school until Freehold Borough is designated as a moderate risk area for the virus.

As of April 27, Freehold Borough was still designated as a high risk area, according to the superintendent.

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