Middletown officials restate intent to support community’s veterans


MIDDLETOWN – Township Committee members in Middletown have publicly stated their intent to recognize and support businesses that are owned by veterans of the United States armed forces and to establish veteran hiring goals in the municipal workforce.

During a meeting of the governing body on May 3, Mayor Tony Perry, Deputy Mayor Rick Hibell, Committeewoman Patricia Snell, Committeeman Kevin Settembrino and Committeeman Ryan Clarke voted to pass a resolution which states that Middletown “is home to numerous veterans of the United States armed forces,” that officials “have always sought to recognize and promote veterans within our community,” and that Middletown “now wishes to promote veteran owned business enterprises, strive for the hiring of veterans in the municipal workforce and wishes to recognize the military service of our residents on an annual basis.”

The Township Committee members said they have determined that “to the extent permitted by applicable law, it is in the best interest of Middletown to encourage the participation of veterans in the business of Middletown, its workforce and the civic affairs of our community.”

Municipal officials said they will:

• Make a good faith effort in the hiring of municipal employees to achieve a goal of a minimum of 5% of its workforce to have served in the United States military;

• Continue to create designated parking spaces for veterans on Middletown properties;

• Make a good faith effort to award contracts to veteran owned businesses that are registered with the state;

• Create affordable housing units deemed solely for the honorable men and women who have served the nation;

• Promote awareness of a state fee exemption for local metered parking;

• Continue to support and appoint volunteers to the Middletown Veterans Affairs Committee;

• Promote and recognize veterans on the established Heroes Wall in the municipal building;

• Continue to pay tribute to Middletown’s fallen heroes who were killed in action through a town-wide veterans commemorative street sign program;

• Conduct at least one annual public celebration honoring the service of veterans on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and/or the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001;

• Annually recognize the service of a resident of the community who has served in the military.