Woodbridge school board decides not to renew current superintendent’s contract

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In what appears to be a surprising move, the Woodbridge Board of Education has announced that the contract of Superintendent Dr. Robert Zega will not be renewed at the end of the year, and that current Assistant Superintendent Dr. Joseph Massimino will ascend to the position of superintendent effective July 1.

While no details have been disclosed as to why the seemingly sudden decision was made, a statement was made to clarify that Zega is not retiring but is being reassigned to another position within the district.

Board of Education President Marie Anderson said that Zega will remain in district as the principal of one of the schools. No further details have been provided.

Personnel decisions are not usually made public and are discussed in closed sessions during board meetings.

Zega has been at the helm since taking over as superintendent in 2013. A Woodbridge High School graduate, he worked his way up through the district and held multiple administrative positions along the way to becoming superintendent of schools.

According to one report, Zega chose not to renew his contract. However, in a statement from Zega himself, he contradicted that, stating that the Board of Education made the decision to effectuate the change.

Zega said he is “still tenured in several administrative positions in the district” but doesn’t know where he will end up.

Massimino, also a graduate from the township’s school district, graduated from John F. Kennedy Memorial High School before getting his collegiate degree from Rutgers University, a master’s degree from Kean University, and doctorate from Rutgers. He has held several administrative positions in the district prior to being named assistant superintendent under Zega.