Opinion: Try something new and put out a bird feeder

Nesting bald eagles return to the capital county.

It’s spring, which means warm weather, long days and blooming flowers. It also means that we’re able to see different backyard birds, including some that have returned to New Jersey after their southernly fall migration.

One bird we can easily spot is the red-winged blackbird, whose presence is considered to herald the arrival of spring. Others include the brown-headed cowbird, yellow-rumped warbler, Baltimore oriole, and Carolina chickadee. Such species are among the most commonly sighted in spring by New Jersey birdwatchers.

You’ll also be able to observe entertaining birds that are common year-round in New Jersey, like the northern cardinal, blue jay, mourning dove, tufted titmouse, red-bellied woodpecker, American goldfinch, downy woodpecker, house finch, and white-breasted nuthatch.

All of this means it’s the perfect time to start birdwatching. Set up a feeder in your backyard according to the preferences of the birds you wish to attract, take a seat near the window, and get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget. Male birds are usually the most distinctive, but be sure to give the female birds some love too.

The longer you leave your bird feeder out, the more bird species you’ll see. You’ll also be able to observe each bird’s behavior and special personality. Feeding birds is not just a fun experience; it’s also a rewarding one. As you observe the birds in your backyard, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping them out. So, try something new this spring, and put out a bird feeder.


Riddhishrree Badhan