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Walgreens in Princeton Shopping Center is open, but cannot sell food items while inspected for rodents

The Walgreens drug store in the Princeton Shopping Center has been temporarily banned from selling food items – but not other items, such as prescription drugs, personal care items and pain relievers – pending a re-inspection by the Princeton Health Department.

Walgreens has remained open for business since an “Unsatisfactory” placard was taped to the store entrance May 6.

A customer’s complaint about a rodent infestation led to an inspection of the store and the posting of the “Unsatisfactory” placard May 6, said Princeton Health Officer Jeffrey Grosser.

A clean-up crew was called to clean the store, and the company’s trucks were on-site May 6.

The documentation of “Unsatisfactory” is due to the Princeton Health Department’s order to the store to refrain from selling food products until the issue is resolved, Grosser said.

“Any time there is a rodent infestation where food is sold or stored, there is always a public health concern. The purpose of the ‘Unsatisfactory’ placard is to give the facility time to correct the issue,” Grosser said.

“The issue is still ongoing and we are following the progress being made by the pest control company and Walgreen’s management. They are still not permitted to sell food,” Grosser said as of press time on May 12.

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