Bordentown City election results should be finalized on May 18

Bordentown City Mayor James Lynch and City Commissioners are finalizing a grant proposal to help fund small businesses in the city during the coronavirus pandemic.

The City of Bordentown held its nonpartisan election on May 11 for three open seats on the Board of Commissioners.

All votes handed in on Election Day have been counted; however, not all mail-in ballots have been calculated and certified for the election. According to Bordentown City Municipal Clerk Grace Archer, all mail-in ballots are expected to be counted by May 18 to certify the 2021 election.

Mayor James Lynch and City Commissioner Joe Myers are running for reelection on the board, while Communications Director of the New Jersey Department of Treasury Jennifer Sciortino and Bordentown native Ed Foley are both seeking a first term as commissioner.

Deputy Mayor John Brodowski decided to drop out of the race on April 20.

The vote tally as provided by Archer after polls closed on May 11 is as follows:

Edward P. Foley IV, 340 votes

Jennifer L. Sciortino, 515 votes

John C. Brodowski, 100 votes

Joe Myers, 511 votes

James E. Lynch, Jr., 497 votes