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Writer questions ‘benefits’ of Creationism

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Some may be unaware, but there is a renewed effort to have “Creationism” taught in our
public schools: “Just think of the benefits in furthering our children’s education if this
could be achieved,” Creationists contend.

I have thought about it. With Darwin and evolution marginalized, the boys in anatomy
class can now be enlightened that they were created from a pile of dust. The girls,
well, they can now finally be assiduously informed as to their genesis, Adam’s rib.

Imagine the wonderment in English 101 when students learn about the linguistic skills of
a talking snake, and the loquacious conversation it had with Eve in the Garden of Eden.

And just think of the self-confidence they will have after geology class, going out into the
world armed with the knowledge that the Earth is not 4.5 billion years old as science
says, but is only 6,000 years old as Creationists teach.

In chemistry, young adolescent minds will now acquire a clear understanding of how
water was “miraculously” turned into wine; and in physics, its budding unfledged
potential Rhodes scholars will now scrupulously be able to investigate and examine
how women grew wings and were capable of flight (according to Revelation) – and I
thought Orville and Wilbur were “First in Flight.”

Someone really ought to let North Carolina know their state motto is, at least from a historical perspective, not factually accurate.

Perhaps the Creationists are right; it is about time Creationism, faith and belief replace
science, reason and thinking in our public schools; the secularists have had it their way
long enough.

Borden Applegate

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