Assault almost leads to stabbing in West Windsor


A man narrowly escaped being stabbed during an altercation at a gasoline station on Route 1, according to the West Windsor Police Department.

The victim told police that he had stopped to buy gasoline for his car when another car pulled up on the opposite side of the gas pump in the April 11 incident. The driver of the other car was talking loudly while his car was being refueled, and the victim glanced over at him, according to reports.

The driver of the other car began yelling at the victim, asking him what was he looking at, police said. The victim tried to ignore him, but the driver got out of his car and approached the victim’s car.

The driver of the other car walked over to the victim’s car and punched the victim in the face. The victim grabbed the man’s sweater and at that point, the man pulled out a knife and threatened him, police said.

The victim immediately drove away, but not before the man was able to stab the driver’s side rear window, damaging the glass and the rubber seal around the window, police said.