The Titans That Built America

"The Titans That Built America" PHOTO BY A+E NETWORKS COPYRIGHT 2021
"The Titans That Built America" PHOTO BY A+E NETWORKS COPYRIGHT 2021

By Rick Gables

History Channel will air its new miniseries The Titans That Built America over three consecutive nights, beginning on Monday, May 31, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The TV event will detail the rivalry of the next generation of American titans: Henry Ford, JP Morgan Jr., William Chrysler, William Boeing and Pierre DuPont, who fought each other and FDR to build billion-dollar empires in automobiles, airplanes, arms and skyscrapers only to come together to defeat Adolf Hitler in World War II. The Great Depression ravaged not only the economy, but also the American way of life. Out of that rubble, this new age of barons emerges to help lift America to new heights. From revolutionizing the automobile and erecting monuments and skyscrapers, to conquering human flight and fueling the American victory in World War II, they show that fortune favors the bold and together they not only resurrect the nation in a time of need, but ultimately band together to help defeat our country’s greatest enemy.

FOX will air a special 2-hour season 2 premiere of its game show/sporting event series Mental Samurai on Tuesday, May 25, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. This is a competition thrill ride, in which contestants mentally battle each other and the clock, as they attempt to stay focused and answer a wide variety of fun and interactive questions on knowledge, memory, puzzles and sequencing. All this while being whipped around the arena strapped into Ava, a high-speed capsule and robotic arm capable of twisting and turning a full 360 degrees. The competition pushes every aspect of human intelligence and mental agility with the first-ever obstacle course for the mind.

NBC will air dick clark productions’ 2021 Billboard Music Awards live on Sunday, May 23, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. For nearly 30 years, the BBMAs has celebrated music’s greatest achievements, honoring the hottest names in music today. Unique among music awards shows, honorees are determined by performance on the Billboard Charts, the ultimate authority and measure of success in music. The annual live broadcast showcases spectacular performances, unexpected collaborations, buzzworthy pop culture moments that keeps fans talking all year, and the prestigious ICON Award, which honors record-breaking artists and their impact on music.