Spotswood council appoints new public agency compliance officer


SPOTSWOOD–The Borough Council approved a resolution authorizing the appointment of Business Administrator Ryan Michelson as the municipality’s new Public Agency Compliance Officer (PACO).

The borough is required to designate one of its borough officials as PACO in order to meet the Affirmative Action requirements for public agencies in the awarding of contracts pursuant to public law, according to the council.

“[State law] requires that each public agency designate an individual to serve as its PACO. The PACO will be the point of contact for all matters concerning the implementation and administration of the legal requirements of the Equal Employment Opportunity Monitoring Program,” Michelson said.

Michelson said the PACO is also responsible for administrating contracting procedures pertaining to equal employment regarding both the public agency and its service providers.

“The PACO must have the authority to recommend changes to effectively support the implementation of the statute and regulations,” Michelson said.

The council approved the resolution on May 17 during the council via video conference and in-person at the municipal building.

Michelson said the previous PACO was the Interim Business Administrator Thomas Ciccarone.

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