Why is ‘Big Sky’ confusing all of a sudden?


Question: The first season of Big Sky was awesome and we couldn’t wait for the new season. We watched both opening hours and when it was over, we looked at each other and asked, do you know what’s going on? There were seven or eight new characters and plots jumping all over the place. —Heilig

Matt Roush: You’re not the only one who wrote in about being confused by the sudden shifting of gears. To be clear, Big Sky is still officially in its first season, although there was a clear break in narrative when the show went on a two-month hiatus. The kidnapping storyline was resolved in February, and while psycho trucker Ronald Pergman is still on the loose, Big Sky basically did a reset when it returned in April to tackle another book in author C.J. Box’s “Highway” series of thrillers, the show’s source material. I agree it was a messy transition, trying to establish the new partnership of investigators Cassie Dewell (Kylie Burbury) and Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) while also introducing in rather murky fashion the dirty dealings of the Kleinsasser family (including such fine actors as Ted Levine, Michelle Forbes, and Michael Raymond-James). This storyline, taken from Box’s novel “The Bitterroots,” should probably have been integrated more slowly. But Big Sky watchers should get used to multi-episode arcs, which seems to be the show’s style.

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