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Stern to run unopposed in Democratic primary on June 8

One candidate will compete unopposed in the 2021 Democratic primary for one of two open seats on the Pennington Council.

There are also no Republican candidates filed for the Republican primary.

The Pennington Council has 6-0 Democratic majority. The governing body consists of Council President Catherine Chandler, Councilwoman Deborah Gnatt, Councilman Charles Marciante, Councilwoman Beverly Mills, Councilwoman Liz Semple and Councilman Ken Gross.

The current terms of Gnatt and Semple end Dec. 31.

In the June 8 Democratic primary, Democrat Nadine Stern is a first-time candidate and seeking her first term of public office. The council seat she is vying for carries a three-year term.

She has lived on Sked Street in Pennington for 32 years and with her husband raised two daughters, who attended the local public schools.

Stern retired in 2019 and had previously worked as a deputy chief information officer (CIO) at Princeton University for eight years. Before becoming CIO at Princeton University, Stern had been vice president for information technology and student services at The College of New Jersey for 15 years, and prior to TCNJ at Rutgers University.

“Since 2016 I have served on the Pennington Democratic Committee, which I now chair, and I was instrumental in re-activating the Hopewell Valley Democratic Club and I served on that board until I announced my candidacy for council,” she said.

Stern is also an officer of STAND Central New Jersey, a grassroots groups focused on community education and advocacy for New Jersey issues.

In Pennington, she had served on the Planning Board, currently serves on the Environmental Commission and also participated in a working group to improve the Pennington Borough website.

“I decided to run for council so that I can contribute to the community I have lived in for over 30 years by putting my available time, energy and interest in public affairs to the best use on a local level,” Stern said. “Since I am now retired I have the time to commit to doing the job well and participating at an active level.”

Stern added that three top challenges facing Pennington involve the environment, open space, and maintaining levels of services.

“I think Pennington has a great community, which has had excellent local leaders who have found the best ways to balance the needs and future goals of our residents,” she said.  “I believe our current top three challenges are environmental action and open space, maintaining the levels of services provided by our local government while keeping local taxes from increasing at an unreasonable pace, and encouraging a diverse representation of Pennington residents to participate in local government so that we are sure we are hearing all voices as issues of importance arise.”

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