Monroe officers locate missing man after family hears cries for help

MONROE – Officers and detectives from the Monroe Township Police Department were conducting a K-9 search around 11 a.m. May 22 in the wooded area off Tyndale Avenue for a person who was reported missing on May 20.

Laura LoPresti and Keith O’Brien along, with K-9 Nico from the New Jersey Rescue and Recovery K-9 Unit, assisted with the search. At about 11:33 a.m., the Monroe Police Department received a phone call from a resident on Tyndale Avenue, Suzana Bruckman, who advised that her son, Zachary Bruckman, heard someone in the woods calling for help. She advised that her sons, Zachary and Roger, ran into the woods in an attempt to locate the subject calling for help, according to information provided by police.


Detective Sgt. Breuer, Detective DeGraw and Officer Vella who were down the street conducting the K-9 search responded to the area, according to reports. 

The Bruckman family brought officers to the area where the subject was calling for help. The family, as well as the officers on scene, ran approximately 300 feet into the woods and located a distressed male. It was then determined the distressed male was in fact the person who was reported missing on May 20, according to police.

The missing subject was last seen at 1 a.m. on May 20 in his backyard.

The subject was suffering from minor lacerations on his body, dehydration, and was unable to walk, according to the statement. The subject was carried out of the woods by Monroe police, first aid and fire representatives.

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