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Princeton Community Television will broadcast New Jersey Flight home games

Princeton Community Television (PCTV) has partnered with the New Jersey Flight indoor football organization to broadcast their 2021 home games.

PCTV is carried by Verizon and Comcast in addition to a multiple streaming service throughout the region.

The first New Jersey Flight indoor football game will take place on May 28 at Cure Arena in Trenton.  The New Jersey Flight is a member of the National Arena League and will play an eight-game schedule.

“We are thrilled to broadcast the New Jersey Flight indoor football games and expand the viewership of this exciting sport throughout our Central New Jersey region,” George McCollough, executive director of PCTV, said in a prepared statement.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with PCTV, the leading provider of public television programing in Central New Jersey. Our goal is to become a pillar of support and networking for our youth in Trenton and beyond, and with this partnership we will have better reach into our neighboring communities to display our championship brand,” Flight Coach Terrance Foster said in the statement.

Peter Crowley, vice chairman of PCTV, added, “As the region’s only public television station, PCTV continues to expand our programming to meet the needs of our communities. We will continue to broadcast and provide new programming including local news, sports, political discourse and unique community programming options for our business and nonprofit members as well as our community television viewers.”

For more information regarding Princeton Community Television and programming opportunities, visit www.princetontv.org or contact McCollough at george.mccollough@princetontv.org

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