Are these guys the new ‘Band of Brothers?’


Comment: I just finished watching the closing segment of a recent 60 Minutes. The story of the Ritchie Boys, who helped win World War II for America and the Allies, cannot be undersold.
I only hope director Steven Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan) was watching. If ever another story was deserving of big-screen, motion-picture treatment, it’s this one. Or better yet, multiple episodes of an HBO series (like Spielberg’s Band of Brothers). These formerly unsung heroes deserve their place in the sun, as well as our history books. —Carroll W

Matt Roush: We felt the same way watching that terrific two-part segment. (Look it up On Demand or streaming on Paramount+.) What a stirring account of exiled German Jews who were recruited by the U.S. to participate in military and intelligence-gathering missions which helped turn the tide of the war. The fact that several of these heroes, now in their late 90s, are still able to reflect on their exploits so vividly was just remarkable. A quick online search revealed there are several books, both non-fiction and fiction, written about these mostly unsung heroes, and a 2004 documentary that’s currently out of circulation. (I bet the 60 Minutes segment has suddenly spiked demand.) We were still watching the story unfold when we remarked what a great movie or series this would make.

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