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Gov. Murphy needs to be recalled

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Every one of my friends have come to the same conclusion about Gov. Murphy: He needs to be recalled and, at the same time, held accountable for his actions. Some reasons:

• He knowingly mixed senior COVID recovering patients released from hospitals back into nursing homes, resulting in 7,900 seniors dying (nj.com, March 11, 2021). And the number probably went up since then. This “crime against humanity” should immediately result in his removal with him being brought before a court of law so he can be held accountable;

• Gov. Murphy’s tyrannical style closed down churches, synagogues and mosques while he left “big box stores” (e.g., Home Depot) open. He transgressed our First Amendment rights of “free exercise of religion”;

• The Murphy Administration has not done a thing for the middle class; our taxes are among the highest in the nation. We get it “six ways to Sunday,” namely, high sales taxes, high real estate taxes and high state taxes. Has he made an effort to reduce the gasoline tax that used to be a “crumb” to us taxpaying motorists?;

• Gov. Murphy thinks taxpayers should pay for community college. I disagree. I paid off my student loans in 10 years. It is doable and should be the norm if colleges stop gouging us. People entering our country illegally need not get a free education. Money spent here should be given to poor citizens;

• The minimum wage was never supposed to be a “living wage.” When the wage gets to $15 per hour, small businesses go “out of business.” Large businesses pass along the cost to the consumer, which is not fair. Please check out Seattle, Wash., and see what happened there once the minimum wage went to $15 per hour;

• Guns do not kill people, people do. Gov. Murphy wants the people to have “no guns.” But, I point you to the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment. The founders could not be clearer: “ … the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Remember, the criminals always get guns;

• Wind and solar only account for about 3% of our energy needs. We have to get a grip on this fact. Do we have a renewable source of energy right now to do away with fossil fuels? If not, cut it out. And, besides, these windmills impact, reduce, fragment or degrade habitat for wildlife, fish and plants. And, I might add, these alternate sources of energy are environmental eyesores;

• In a January 2021 Philly Voice Article, the Garden State saw more people leaving it than any other part of the country. And this was the third year in a row. This was according to data supplied by United Van Lines. New Jersey is a beautiful state, but it is not good for taxpayers.

Based upon the above and especially the first point, we need to recall Gov. Murphy and hold him accountable for creating an atmosphere where we are the “serfs” and he is the King.

Neil D. Garguilo
Freehold Township

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