Opinion: Incorrect information about polling location is ‘sample of what is to come’

The week before the June 8 primary there was no information on polling for my development.

I contacted several reliable sources including the Middlesex County website along with Old Bridge Township. All stated primary voting would take place in my development as it has in the past (pre-pandemic).

The common area in my development has been closed since March 15, 2020, so it was surprising to hear voting would be here. I sent an email to the management office where I live inquiring as to where to vote. I received an auto response that management was out for vacation.

A few days before the June 8 primary I received the usual polling information (albeit quite late) in the mail. Again, it stated that voting would take place in my development.

Finally, a neighbor alerted me that she heard it would be held at another location in the township. No general notices were sent either by the county, town or development where I live.

I posted a sign in my building to alert my neighbors where to vote in the primary. 

There are two phrases that immediately came to mind with these events: “grassroots” and “voter suppression”.
Blaming the pandemic is the easy way out – no one took responsibility to inform us where to vote in the June 8 primary. This is a disgrace and just a sample of what is to come if people do not wake up to the desire to minimize and eliminate our voices.
“Big Brother” is not only watching, “Big Brother” has arrived.
Maria Weiss
Old Bridge