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Historian will present program about ‘Nathaniel, William and Bruce’

Local historian and author Kevin Coyne will present “Nathaniel, William and Bruce,” the
stories of three men from three different centuries who impacted and left their marks on Monmouth County.

Coyne will present the program on June 15 at 7 p.m. sponsored by the Monmouth County Historical Association and the Monmouth County Library; the special event will be available as part of the Library’s Virtual Library program series, according to a press release.

Coyne, the historian for Freehold Borough for more than two decades, as well as a former councilman, is an adjunct professor at the Columbia Journalism School.

He will tell the stories of Nathanial Scudder, a signer of the Articles of Confederation, an army officer at the Battle of Monmouth and part of the Scudder family dynasty; William Dayton, a Republican vice- residential nominee in 1856 and ambassador to France during the Civil War; and Bruce Springsteen, a descendant of Monmouth-born veterans of both the Revolution and the Civil War, one of whom is a recipient of the Congressional Medal of

The program is available by visiting www.MonmouthCountyLib.org and signing up on the website’s Upcoming Events list.

Emails with information about accessing the free program will be mailed on June 14 between 3-4 p.m. after the noon time closure of registration, according to the press release.

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