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Any chance ‘Prodigal Son’ or ‘Rebel’ will be saved?

Question: Fox has canceled another great show, Prodigal Son. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this one. I read that maybe HBO Max would save this gem? —Justin

Matt Roush: Apparently not, given recent reports that HBO Max has already passed on it. (This would have made sense for purposes of corporate synergy, as the show is produced by Warner Bros. and HBO Max, which streams the first season, is WarnerMedia’s in-house streamer.) Hulu, which currently streams the just-concluded second season, may be another option. But we’ll have to wait and see if a deal can be made.

Question: I was sad to hear that two of my favorite ABC shows were canceled: mixed-ish and Rebel. Is there any chance ABC could give them a second chance by sending them to Hulu or Disney+? —David K

Matt Roush: And don’t forget that Freeform is in the ABC-Disney tent, which would be the more likely move for mixed-ish — if it weren’t for the fact that a black-ish spinoff already resides there (grown-ish). Seems to me that given the short runs of both series, especially Rebel, which barely got a chance to make an impression before it was canceled — a shock given that it comes from Grey’s Anatomy‘s prominent show-runner, Krista Vernoff — I’d be surprised if either found a new home.

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