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Voters have a chance to turn New Jersey red

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

The quote, “If Ciattarelli has anything on his side, it is history,” refers to the fact that Republicans have unseated Democratic governors in their first term in every election since 1981, and gone on to a second term. However, the usual rhetoric will not cut it this time.

Jack Ciattarelli is facing an invigorated electorate fed up with what is happening in our country.

Sure, we want lower property taxes, jobs created and Main Street businesses brought back to life in our state, but we also want a Governor who is going to tackle the issues of cancel culture, illegal immigration, censorship and the creeping socialism that is threatening to destroy our country.

He is going to have to take on the teachers unions and other special interests, and strongly support the current bipartisan effort to bring property taxes under control by regionalization of the administrative functions of school districts.

He is also going to have to speak out loudly against cancel culture and the push by socialists to introduce into our school curriculum programs that undermine our American values.

We want to hear him tell us how he is going to turn back Murphy administration policies and programs that favor illegal immigrants over hard-working citizens, and how he will overturn the New Jersey Immigrant Trust Directive that essentially ended cooperation between the state and ICE on immigration enforcement matters.

We want concrete proposals to assure election integrity (yes, there is election fraud in New Jersey).

How about illegal immigration? He should immediately demand that the Murphy administration end its silence about the flights coming into Newark airport with thousands of illegal immigrants that are being ushered from the tarmac to waiting buses.

Where are they going? Have they been tested for COVID? These World Atlantic Airlines charter flights come into Newark nightly between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., mainly from California and Texas. Who is funding them?

We can turn New Jersey red, but it is going to take a strong candidate backed by an equally strong and committed electorate. I think we can do it.

Rose Ann Scotti
Colts Neck

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