Sixth, seventh and eighth generations of Van Nuys family operate Hillsboro Farm

Mayor Shawn Lipani, far left, presents a proclamation to Doug and Lynn Van Nuys and members of the Van Nuys family during the June 15 Hillsborough Township Committee meeting. The Van Nuys family operates Hillsboro Farm, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

Hillsboro Farm is celebrating its 150th anniversary.

The Van Nuys family arrived from Amsterdam in 1685 and began farming in the Somerset County area in the 1700s, according to information included in a proclamation read during the Hillsborough Township Committee meeting on June 15.

Jacob Van Nuys fought in the American Revolution and was stationed at the Neshanic Reformed Church.

Hillsboro Farm was created in 1867, and incorporated in 1871, by Peter Van Nuys, and the sixth, seventh and eighth generations of the Van Nuys family continue to operate it today.

The farm became a landmark in Holstein breeding and was the first farm to undertake artificial breeding of dairy cattle in 1938, according to the statement.

In February 1986, a fire destroyed two barns, took the lives of two calves and seriously burned two additional calves, according to the statement. The main loss was the hay which was intended to feed the 270-cow herd throughout the winter and spring. Seventy-five firefighters from six companies battled the fire.

In November 1987, Martin Van Nuys and his son, Kenneth Van Nuys, were fatally electrocuted while moving a grain elevator. The entire farming community in Hillsborough and beyond provided assistance with the immediate needs of farming such as milking the cows and harvesting the soybeans, according to the statement.

Originally a dairy farm, Hillsboro Farm now focuses on growing hay, straw, grain, fruits and vegetables. It has expanded to include a second business known as Hillsboro Farm Country Market. The onsite market sells farm grown produce and products from other local farms.

Douglas Van Nuys, the son of Martin Van Nuys, now runs the farm along with his wife Lynn, daughter Julie Collins and her husband Matthew, daughter Kate Mammaro, and nephew Kyle, the son of Kenneth Van Nuys.