Pennington School graduates 36 from middle school

Photo courtesy of The Pennington School
Pennington School's graduated middle school students in 2021.

The Pennington School recently held a graduation ceremony for its 36 middle school students. 

After an invocation on June 10 from Head of Middle School Chrissie Knight, Head of School William Hawkey presented opening remarks.

Benjamin Pearlberg of Yardley, Pennsylvania, gave the First in Scholarship Address.

As the diplomas were formally granted, eighth-grade faculty advisors offered remarks about each of the graduating students.

Assistant Head of School for Community Life and Dean of Students Chad Bridges then welcomed the graduates to Pennington’s Upper School, and Chrissie Knight delivered the Head of Middle School’s remarks and the benediction.

The Middle School Instrumental Ensemble added music to the event.

The students who have just graduated from the middle school are members of the Pennington School Class of 2025.

They are Anna Basile, Harper Beck, Sarah Birkenstock, Lia Brunetti-Carroll, Alex Burton, Charlotte Close, Ana Camila Esparza Pizano, Maria Esparza Pizano, Elwyn Evans, Tristram Evans, John Fermo, Michael Fingerman,

James Friedman, Gabrielle Hall, Justin Jamieson, Christopher Kelley, Reese Kimmel, Dustin Liu, Michela McCagg, Lucas Medina, Eliza O’Neil, Ruhi Parekh, Matthew Passalacqua, Benjamin Pearlberg,

Alexandra Rogankov, Emerson Ross, Mykaela Sanders, Matthew Sanderson, Alice-Mithali Singh, Dwayne Snead, Lydia Sperry-Fernandez, Abigail Stevenson, Myla Tudor, Juliet Walton, Mindy Yales, and Dingtong Aimee Zou.

  • This article was provided by Pennington Middle School.