Is ‘Clarice’ on CBS going to be renewed for another season?


Question: What’s going on with Clarice? It’s off more than it’s on, so getting any continuity is really difficult. Other shows that premiered in the time of COVID are doing much better with their scheduling. —Christine

Matt Roush: CBS really did this new series no favors with the scheduling. I don’t know whether COVID restrictions had anything to do with all of the stops and starts, but with only four new episodes appearing in all of April and May, even a fan could be excused for forgetting about it. Clarice is darker and more serialized than most CBS crime dramas, and despite its pop culture pedigree from The Silence of the Lambs, was likely to be a tough sell to this network’s core audience. CBS deserves to take some knocks for how they handled this, regardless of whether it ends up moving to streaming next season (if there is one). On the upside, when Clarice returned with new episodes (on June 3) the final four episodes were scheduled to air without interruption.

Question: Will anyone ever show the final season of Ray Donovan? —RC

Matt Roush: After canceling the series, Showtime committed to a Ray Donovan film that will give fans some closure, while also looking back at the origin story of Ray (Liev Schreiber) and his wayward dad, Mickey (Jon Voight).

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