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Woman charged with assorted offenses after assault at West Windsor hotel

A case of mistaken identity resulted in a woman being charged with burglary, criminal mischief, simple assault and resisting arrest after police were called to the Clarion Hotel on Route 1, according to the West Windsor Police Department.

Police were called to the motel after it was reported that the woman, who is a long-term resident of the Clarion Hotel, was breaking windows and had assaulted a hotel employee in the May 2 incident.

The victim, who is a hotel employee, was staying overnight at the Clarion Hotel when she was awakened by a woman who was screaming and banging on the door, police said. The woman used a landscaping rock to break the front window and enter the hotel room.

The victim ran into the bathroom and locked the door, but the intruder continued to scream about someone sleeping with her husband, police said. The victim came out of the bathroom to show her that she had the wrong person and the wrong room.

The woman grabbed the victim by the hair, punched her in the face and got on top of her, police said. Another hotel employee intervened and repeatedly told the woman to let go of the victim. The woman relented and went back to her hotel room.

When officers attempted to arrest the woman, she resisted and caused minor injury to one of the officers. She was charged and taken to the Mercer County Corrections Center.

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