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Resident endorses Posnock for Monmouth County surrogate

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

I had no idea what the role of a surrogate was until I needed one. Last year I was left with the responsibility of acquiring guardianship of my physically incapacitated mother. It was a stressful experience and I was grateful Monmouth County had a qualified surrogate.

The surrogate’s work assists Monmouth County’s most vulnerable citizens — the bereaved, the mentally and physically incapacitated — and helps residents build families through adoption.

The county surrogate oversees legal matters such as probate, guardianships and adoptions. The work of the surrogate touches nearly all of our citizens at some point in our lives.

A surrogate is a non-political position, but surrogates are elected. Their name is listed on the ballot in the Republican or Democratic column. Our current surrogate, Rosemarie Peters, is a qualified surrogate who has done a good job. Ms. Peters is a Republican.

Ms. Peters is retiring. In the last election cycle, Ms. Peters said the following to a local newspaper – “Having a law degree is not essential, but it’s a significant asset.”

The current Republican candidate is not an attorney or qualified.

The Democratic candidate, Leslie Posnock, is uniquely qualified for the role of surrogate.
Leslie is an experienced attorney, a local business owner, an adoptive mother and a committed community advocate.

The surrogate should not be a partisan position, but since it is, when voting please consider the best person for the job and put qualifications before partisanship. Leslie Posnock for Monmouth County Surrogate.

Rob Petreanu

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