Opinion: Ruckers support the North Brunswick community

North Brunswick resident Pete Clark took part in the Memorial Day 5K with a ruck sack. He paid homage to the rucking event that honored the life of U.S. Airman Richard Samaroo on June 12. North Brunswick hopes to establish its own rucking team.

We are writing this letter as a means to express our sincere thank you to the Raritan Bay Ruckers who visited the North Brunswick community on June 12 at Community Park to come to the aid of the Samaroo family who are still mourning the passing of their son.

Airman Richard Samaroo passed away while serving his country overseas.

The Ruckers, with over 40 participants, attended a food drive for the North Brunswick Food Bank and health collection of toiletries for homeless veterans where they walked the three mile track while carrying backpacks of food to donate to the food drive while also carrying the American flag in memory of Airman Samaroo and to provide moral support to both families and friends and the North Brunswick community.

The Ruckers are volunteers from Central New Jersey who participate in events to remember active duty service members who are transitioning back to civilian life and to provide support for those still deployed overseas for their families.

The Raritan Bay Ruckers are the lifeline to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to the community through physical and social events. Recently, the Ruckers rucked for the Rolling Thunder in a March food ruck where they help raise two trucks full of food.

With the Ruckers’ participation in the North Brunswick community, friends and family, with donations from North Brunswick Township High School Class of 2017 and Livingston Park Elementary Schools, where Airman Samaroo attended and graduated, we were able to collect 600 pounds of food for the food bank and five full bins of toiletries for veterans, plus over $1,700 in monetary donations.

The Ruckers, by their wonderful efforts, displayed passion, positivity, commitment, camaraderie, and a community spirit that they live in action every day and on this day to remember Airman Samaroo who would proudly look down on the Ruckers and the community to say thank you for what was accomplished.

For more information to volunteer as a rucker, contact Ryan Wilde at ryan.wilde@teamrwb.org

Thank you Ruckers! May God bless America.

Friends of the Samaroo Family

Through Pete Clark
North Brunswick

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