Why is Emily Wickersham leaving ‘NCIS?’


Question: What is wrong with those people at NCIS? They have a great program with a great cast and they mess it up!! Emily Wickersham is perfect in her role. Why write her out? I only hope the producers see the error of their ways and bring her back as a regular. —Cyndi

Matt Roush: The good news is that they didn’t kill her off, so she could potentially return on occasion, if not as a full-time regular. And while the circumstances regarding Bishop’s (and Emily Wickersham’s) departure were a bit more ambiguous than the Good Doctor situation with Antonia Thomas, this didn’t seem like an acrimonious split, though it’s not entirely clear if it was a mutual decision. Seven seasons is a decent run for a supporting character like this, especially considering that not every NCIS fan was as enthusiastic as Cyndi about the agent hired to step into Ziva’s considerable shadow.

Question: Succession: Will it ever be back? —Patty

Matt Roush: Yes, of course it will. The pandemic delayed this Emmy-winning drama for quite a while, but it’s reportedly on track to return this fall. Can’t wait.

Question: When is the season finale of Walker? —Sandra R.

Matt Roush: Currently scheduled for Aug. 12.

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