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Issuance of bonds will fund improvements in Millstone Township

MILLSTONE – Municipal officials in Millstone Township are appropriating $1.17 million toward road, park and vehicle improvements.

On July 21, the members of the Township Committee introduced a bond ordinance that will, if adopted, provide the $1.17 million appropriation. The ordinance authorizes the issuance of $825,550 in bonds or notes to finance part of the appropriation.

The remaining costs will be covered by a $305,000 grant that is expected to be received from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT) and a down payment of $43,450, according to the ordinance.

A public hearing on the bond ordinance is scheduled for Aug. 4. The governing body may adopt the ordinance that evening.

According to the ordinance, there are three improvement projects covered by the appropriation.

An estimated $1 million will be appropriated toward road improvements, including portions of Millstone Road, Baird Road, Olde Noah Hunt Road, Vanarsdale Circle, Bruere Drive, Arrowhead Way, Sedona Court and Winding Creek.

The roads will be resurfaced, subject to the availability of funds and pricing, and there will also be minor road and drainage repairs completed, according to the bond ordinance.

The estimated maximum amount of bonds or notes for the road improvements is $660,250 and the anticipated $305,000 DOT grant will be used toward the improvements.

The acquisition of public works vehicles and equipment will receive an estimated $94,000 appropriation, according to the ordinance. The vehicles and equipment to be acquired include a pick-up truck, a zero turn mower, mower lift and landscaping equipment. An estimated maximum amount of $89,300 in bonds or notes will help finance the acquisition.

The remaining estimated $80,000 will be appropriated toward park improvements and improvements to municipal buildings. To help finance these improvements, an estimated maximum amount of $76,000 in bonds or notes will be used, according to the bond ordinance.

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