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Opinion: Townhouses will ‘change character’ of Edison

I am against the 23 townhouses proposed to be built in the former Charlie Brown’s restaurant. This does not maintain our current community values, our master plan, and affects our overcrowded school system.

Maintaining this burst of growth by adding extra homes can cause our main water lines to rupture, which in turn will cause higher prices to be paid by the residences.

Our Master Plan and small-town feel is changing to a city block where our natural resources of open space and peaceful tranquility will be overcome by cars and concrete. More police, fire, EMTs and DPW will be needed to keep our town safe and clean. The value of our existing homes will be impacted by shotty apartment houses.

This is the difference between a town and a city life. We are losing our quiet town life to trade for a busy loud Edison City. Dwellings change the character of our town. Overcrowded schools are busting at the seems and we currently need a new high school and a middle school to contain the new influx of expanding residences. We cannot sustain this level of growth without losing something.

I urge the Zoning Board to say “no” to the above proposal and come up with a new plan.

Maria Orchid

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