Agraj Seva Kenda celebrates Indian independence in front of new office

On Aug. 14, Agraj Seva Kendra conducted an India Independence Day celebration in front of its new offices on Rossmoor Drive in Monroe.

Agraj Seva Kendra is a nonprofit dedicated to promote Asian Indian culture and diversity, engaging youth into volunteering services. Since its inception in 2006, the organization has given back to the community through cultural activities and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) educational experiences for youth.

On Aug. 14, Agraj Seva Kendra conducted an India Independence Day celebration in front of its new offices on Rossmoor Drive in Monroe.

Led by Govinda Rajan, founder and CEO, the event honored the Indian American community of New Jersey and accomplishments of Agraj Seva Kendra.

The chief guests at the event were Monroe Mayor Stephen Dalina and Council Vice President Elizabeth Schneider.

The event started with the Indian national anthem that honored the roots of South Asian Americans in attendance. Dalina then led the India flag hoisting process.

The dignitaries and sponsors of Agraj Seva Kendra also participated in the celebration. This included Kevin Dunshee, who on behalf of Solar Landscape Company pledged to donate to Agraj Seva Kendra. These donations will fund future STEM initiatives and ensure students have access to opportunities for learning and growth.

During the celebration, the five student leaders of the Agraj Youth Wing were recognized: Adwaith Hariharan, Bhavini Pandey, Kavya Venkatesan, Meera Nair and Shagun Khare. The students shared how they provided STEM and educational experiences like research programs, stem cell donation and blood drives, charity fundraising, and science symposiums for youth around the world throughout the year. They also discussed how they were able to connect with their roots through cultural programs by Agraj Seva Kendra.

“It has been an incredible experience to cultivate a strong and supportive community through STEM, cultural and mental wellness programs. This has driven me to continue serving my community and demonstrating my commitment to high ideals. I am also inspired to be an advocate for diversity and inclusion through amplifying the voices of all youth. Overall, I am honored to implement unique and creative programs that have a wide-reaching impact and serve students,” said Kavya, sophomore at Old Bridge High School.

Agraj Seva Kendra is also supporting students like Rhea Alathur, a four-time gold medalist at the National Special Olympics 2018. Rhea is a positive role model for youth in the community. She hopes to compete in the 2022 National Olympics, and Agraj Seva Kendra plans to support her in her endeavors.

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  • This information was provided by Govinda Rajan.