Opinion: The Democratic Party is dying


This latest fiasco in Afghanistan is another example of the lying, cheating, treasonous and immoral actions of a dying party.
Abraham Lincoln was part of the Republican Party’s actions against slavery, and as a high school teacher of U.S. History, I have to say if former President Donald Trump was younger he should start his own political party. It would do well.
The Republican Party right now has the moral high ground on abortion, and the lying, cheating, treasonous Democratic Party will die because of the cowardly sheep that are in it.
I would be remiss if I didn’t call out President Joe Biden as particularly evil because he knows exactly what he is doing to the people in America. The best example is his signing the executive order promoting abortion the eve of the pro-life rally in Washington., DC. He and former President Barack Obama think it’s funny – a game – when the moral and religious part of America believe abortion is murder.
They are truly evil and disgusting, and probably giggle themselves to sleep every night knowing they are protected by the government.
Basically cowards.


W.F. Conner Sr
Social Studies Teacher
Col. USMC (ret)