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Resident asks for support in bid to serve on panel

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

The Holmdel Township Committee has adopted an ordinance to put a question on the ballot this November asking to form a charter commission.

The commission would assess the current Holmdel model of government, examine alternatives and make recommendations, if appropriate, for changes. Such recommendations would then be voted on and approved, or not, by the citizens of Holmdel.

I am running to be a commissioner on the charter commission because I believe that, as strong a township as Holmdel is, analysis and introspection into our current form of government, examination of alternatives used in other municipalities, and input from the general public can only make us even better.

I believe those running for commissioner and I are well qualified to execute an unbiased and objective analysis of our government and alternatives, and offer recommendations to the township citizenry.

My Holmdel residence of over 35 years, serving as chair of the Holmdel Finance Committee, and roles on the Planning Board and the Environmental Commission provide appropriate background and perspective to serve this important role.

I recommend a vote of “yes” on the ballot question to form a charter commission and seek the support of my fellow Holmdel residents.

C. Zachary Gilstein

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