Hillsborough Township hosts parade to honor its 250th anniversary

Hillsborough Township employees march together during the 250th Anniversary Parade on Sept. 18 in Hillsborough.

Hillsborough Township celebrated its 250th anniversary in style on Sept. 18 with a community-wide parade.

The 50-square mile township officially became a charter of New Jersey on May 29, 1771.

From veterans and first responders to Hillsborough Township employees, the Hillsborough High School Marching Band and other community-wide groups participated in the parade that ran across the corner of Auten and New Amwell Road and concluded at the Municipal Complex.

It was at the municipal complex where Hillsborough Township Mayor Shawn Lipani spoke to residents about the historic day and his love for the community.

He also honored Grand Marshal Tom Cellilli Jr., who has been a Hillsborough Township resident for 40 years and is currently the commander of VFW Post 8371.

During his speech, Lipani talked about how Hillsborough came to be and how the township continues to embrace its history.

“Hillsborough continues to grow and improve upon its impressive, diverse and rich history through our excellent school system; numerous parks, including Duke Farms; and our proximity to several Revolutionary War sites, beaches, mountains and historic Princeton,” Lipani said in his speech.

The mayor added, “Hillsborough has been named as one of ‘Money Magazine’s’ Best Places to Live in America multiple times and is a much sought-after community in which to reside, work and play.”

Lipani, a self-proclaimed Hillsborough native through and through, spoke about how his family came to Hillsborough and told a story about an important poem his father once told him.

The poem reads:

“If you think you are beaten, you are

If you think you dare not, you don’t

If you’d like to win but think you can’t, it’s a cinch you won’t

If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost.

For out of the world you find success begins with a fellow’s will

It’s all in the state of mind.”

Lipani dedicated that poem to the township and lauded the efforts made by the entire community over the years to make Hillsborough the place it is today.

“We are Boro Strong. We are a big family, we are a great community,” Lipani said. “(Today) we honor our history, our present and look forward to a bright future as we continue to live ‘Hillsborough: the Good Life.’ ”

Following the parade, Hillsborough held its own Classic Car Show that had antique cars that were driven in the parade on display for residents in the parking lot of the municipal complex.