Opinion: Refugees will change voting demographics

Voting on Election Day, voting ballot

“Give us you’re tired, you’re poor, you’re Democratic voters.”

A Sept. 1 report from the Wall Street Journal states that “The U.S. State Department estimates that it left behind the majority of Afghan interpreters and others that helped our U.S. forces.” “Further, the U.S. still doesn’t have reliable data on who was evacuated, nor what visas they may or may not qualify for.”

What we do know is that 95,000 Afghans will be repatriated into the United States.

Fast forward to the Sept. 10 and 17 issues of the Lawrence Ledger, in which a public service announcement is listed from Gov. Phil Murphy’s office: “Governor Murphy welcomed American allies, evacuated from Afghanistan to New Jersey. Already interpreters and others who worked with the US military have started arriving at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.”

This is a “con job” by Gov. Murphy and every Democratic official in Washington, D.C. and elsewhere. While I and most Americans welcome Afghan interpreters and those who specifically helped the U.S. cause during that 20-year war, we should not welcome Afghans who do not fall into this category. This is a blatant attempt by Democratic politicians to change the voting demographics of future elections by spreading these Afghans primarily into swing states, while at the same  time, pushing to turn migrants into voting U.S. citizens as quickly as possible (see the proposed $ 3.5 trillion reconciliation bill).

This is the same strategy being used on our southern border, in which migrants from 148 countries are streaming in without opposition to the tune of 2 million per year. Once naturalized citizens, they will be Democratic voters forever.

Our Democracy will never be the same if we suddenly become a one-party country in which only Democrats win every election and voting loses its meaning.

Ira L. Marks