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Princeton residents scammed out of money

Scam artists have been hard at work, convincing one resident to send him money and fooling another resident into thinking that the scammer was an investor, in a pair of incidents that were reported to the Princeton Police Department on Sept. 13.

The first victim, who lives on Snowden Lane, said she was contacted by email by someone who pretended to be an employee of a local elementary school, police said. She was asked to buy $1,500 worth of gift cards.

The victim complied and also provided the scammer with the gift card codes, as requested, and later learned that she had been scammed, police said.

In the second incident, the victim said someone scammed him out of $4,500 by posing as an investor, police said. The scammer provided him with $7,500 worth of checks to be deposited in the victim’s personal checking account.

The victim, who lives on Birch Avenue, withdrew the money and subsequently discovered that the checks were fraudulent, police said.

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