Opinion: Adult voters are free to choose their own political affiliation

Regarding the Oct. 1 Letter to the Editor, “Refugees will change voting demographics,” “Give us you’re tired, you’re poor, you’re Democratic voters” – Oh my.

Maybe we can forgive the letter writer for not having much grounding in English grammar, but his knowledge of elementary American civics is abysmal.

He seems to be under the impression that any and all foreign nationals who come across our borders will be eligible to vote in the United States, and that they will automatically vote Democratic. Perhaps he has not heard of a little thing called gaining citizenship that precedes the right to vote. Or that adult voters are free to choose their own political affiliation, much as his own immigrant ancestors did, as did mine.

In my own case, my immigrant ancestors chose to become ardent Republicans. I recently pointed this out to a friend, and her reply was “that was in the days when the Republicans were the good guys.”

Torry Watkins