Why do the coaches take up so much screen time on The Voice?

Question: Why are the coaches on The Voice allowed to bore us with nonsense, when the show is supposed to be about the discovery of new talent? I don’t want to watch coaches convince us that they still “got it.” —Michael K.

Matt Roush: I agree with you that the coaches regularly upstage the contestants, which may be why so few if any Voice winners have achieved the level of fame of an early American Idol champ like Kelly Clarkson. But again, this is the formula that works for The Voice, and while that keeps me from being a fan once the Blind Auditions are over — that’s the genius part of the show — their star power is the engine around which everything else on this show revolves. That’s not likely to change.

Question: I have been looking for the start-up date for my favorite show, Resident Alien. Just what is Syfy waiting on? —Simon H.

Matt Roush: Resident Alien and its should-have-been-Emmy-nominated star, Alan Tudyk, will be back, just not in the fall. Not every series is a fall series, and that especially applies to short-order cable series like Alien, whose first 10-episode season aired last winter. Syfy hasn’t released an official premiere date yet for Alien’s second season, but it’s a good guess that it might return during that same general timeframe.

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