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Opinion: Senator endorses Lipani for Hillsborough mayor

Shawn Lipani

I am writing today to endorse Mayor Shawn Lipani for reelection to the Hillsborough Township Committee.

Mayor Lipani has been a part of the Hillsborough community for over 40 years, attending the local schools, participating in Little League and Dukes Pop Warner.

He is a small business owner with his family, Central Jersey Nurseries; a member of the Hillsborough Rotary Club, and has been on numerous boards and commissions within Hillsborough over the years prior to his election.

Mayor Lipani’s dedication to Hillsborough over the past three years, along with his Republican colleagues, continue to the present, including guiding Hillsborough through the post-COVID pandemic.

The history of responsible government and proven leadership exemplified by Mayor Lipani post Tropical Storm Ida re-enforces my point.

I urge Hillsborough to vote for Mayor Lipani and Steve Cohen for Hillsborough Township Committee.

Senator Kip Bateman


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