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Former Holmdel official asks residents to approve public questions

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

This Nov. 2, the people of Holmdel will have an opportunity to endorse and support three important initiatives that affect the current and future state of our community.

The first proposal asks voters to increase our dedicated open space tax. Developers are lining up at the gates to build on our undeveloped land. A “yes” vote will add a layer of protection from wanton development of our town.

The second question pertains to our emergency volunteers. An incentive program is a small thank you for all they do and have done.

The LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program) should be funded to the state’s maximum to help ensure our town is properly protected by those who live/work in Holmdel.

Finally, proposal No. 3. For too long the ugly divisive politics of Holmdel’s elections has been a barrier for meaningful progress.

Who our mayor is should not be decided behind closed doors in secret meetings with threats of political retaliation and battling egos.

Voting “yes” will allow Holmdel residents to consider ways to improve our current form of government and/or explore other forms of government; perhaps to include a type that can’t be weaponized on ballot lines by outside special interests who only seek to divide us.

Let the people decide. Vote yes x 3.

Michael Nikolis, EMT
former member of
Township Committee

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