Opinion: Roger Koch is ‘the best possible choice for our future’


We are writing to urge the voters of Hillsborough to cast their ballots for Roger Koch, Democratic candidate seeking to serve as a member of the Hillsborough Township Committee in the upcoming election.

We have known Roger for 15 years as a person of integrity and honesty, not only as a friend and neighbor, but in his professional life as a public servant and a well-respected attorney.

Roger has served (for 10 plus years) and continues to serve as vice president of The Glen Section I Homeowner’s Association. Roger is diligent in his duties of office and treats all homeowners with dignity and listens with respect. He sees to it that issues are addressed promptly, efficiently and economically while maintaining a proactive approach to problem solving and budgetary issues.

Roger takes his responsibilities very seriously and he will represent the best interests of all Hillsborough residents fairly and equitably. He’s able to relate openly with everyone, he’s not afraid to ask the hard questions or to face difficult, complicated issues and will work to achieve positive solutions. Roger will keep our residents well informed and he’ll support efforts to adopt public policies and strategies to meet new and ongoing challenges faced by our community.

Roger Koch will bring professional experience, fresh insight and much needed transparency to local government.

By electing Roger Koch to serve as a member of the Hillsborough Township Committee, voters are making the best possible choice for our future and for the future, overall good of Hillsborough Township. A vote for Roger Koch is a vote for good government.

Paulette and Alan Adams