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Independent News Briefs, Oct. 27

The Hazlet Township Committee has appropriated $700,000 for improvements to a road in the community. On Oct. 5, officials adopted an ordinance that authorizes improvements scheduled for Beers Street.

The ordinance provides funding for the improvements in the amount of $700,000. The amount will be covered with $430,000 from Hazlet’s capital improvement fund and a $270,000 grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

In other business, committee members passed a resolution which establishes and fixes the salaries and ranges for the positions of part-time personnel officer and part-time recreation leader. The salary range for both positions is between $15 and $30 per hour.


An audit of Holmdel’s financial records and operations for 2020 has not uncovered any issues and resulted in an audit that does not contain any recommendations for a corrective action plan.

The township’s 2020 audit was an item of discussion when the members of the Township Committee met on Oct. 12.

Committeeman Prakash Santhana said, “I would like to commend our chief financial officer, Bill Antonides, and our business administrator, Cherron Rountree, for their work in this area.”

The results of the 2020 audit were different from the results of the 2019 audit which uncovered several issues and required the Township Committee to approve a corrective action plan.

In its audit of Holmdel’s 2019 financial operations, the firm of Suplee, Clooney and Company cited areas of concern in purchasing and payroll.

In response to the findings outlined in the audit, municipal officials said Holmdel’s Finance Department “was not fully staffed for the majority of 2019. … This situation has been rectified in 2020 by staffing changes in the Finance Department.”

Municipal officials said the finance office would be fully staffed by December 2019 and said Holmdel would be changing the software used for payroll and human resource functions beginning in December 2019 to address issues raised in the audit.

The result of the corrective action plan was that no issues regarding Holmdel’s financial operations were raised in the 2020 audit.

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